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Hi Steve, I am absolutely impressed with the programme. I am on the second track/month and I am already experiencing significant changes in my mindset and my attitude towards wealth and life. My millionnaire behavior is spontaneous and the fear of lack is almost vanguished. I see a lot of positive changes along the way and for that I thank you.


The book was very enlightening, I reread it every couple of days and find new insights every time I read it. The tracks have helped me to find peace in a very difficult situation. My financial outlook has improved greatly since starting Total Money Magnet. Thank You!


I have truthfully taken the first step towards an incredible future of abundance and happiness. Thank you Dr. Steve for putting my future on the right journey towards success.


I have taken care of some old memories and removed some other blocks.I am moving forward with fast track coaching. I am even sleeping better at night. Thank Steve G Jones!


It has been a riveting experience, I have opened doors of possibilities all over in many areas of my life and i have gained my personal power back in the meantime which makes me the wealthiest lady on Earth! Thank You!


Hi Steve. I find my self confidence has improved a lot. I believe that I can do things that I never thought I could do before. I´m telling you I´m having a lot of WOW moments. Thank you so very much. I can´t wait to experience more


Thank you Steve for this life changing course! My income has increased and my mindset is unbelievably positive and creative towards creating new sources of income all the time. Now whenever I have a good business idea, I don't let it pass me by, I act on it! I have became an action taker, and my level of awareness towerds spending my money has totally changed, I used to be a really big spender, and that led me to a huge debt. But not anymore! Now I'm budgeting my income and became really smart when making financial decisions. This is incredible! Steve, I can't thank you enough. You have totally changed my life! I wish you an abundance of wealth, love and happiness.


Total Money Magnetism has accelerated me past some of my blocks and limitations I previously had in place. This isn't just for money issues, it's for all areas of life! Thank you Steve!


Crazy! I was making $80 -$200 monthly with my affiliate marketing. I bought the course, Did the all of the hypnosis and read the manual. Well, This past month I made over $1,100 dollars in commissions. Coincidence? I don't think so. This month is rocking also. I am already over $400 from my affiliate marketing. I even started marketing Total Money Magnetism, not for the money but I want everyone to at least try this program. I am PLEASED!!!! It changed my life. Thank you.


This program has motivated me to find the time to start my own business. I want to eventually leave my demanding 11 hour day 5 day week employed role and have enough money to support me in my own business. This program has helped me get things started


I absolutely love this program. I am feeling more positive about everything in my life. The coincidences are too many to name. I can feel the power off attraction working - and my fear of failure is gone. My deserve level has increased so I no longer lol at things thinking if only- I am worthy and I will have everything I seek


This program has had EPIC results for me. I published my novel, which had been languishing in my computer for 25 years! I no longer have fear of success and/or failure! and, I keep getting ideas on how to make more income and produce passive income, which is so important. I have always believed in hypnotherapy and Dr. Jones's program is fantastic. I highly recommend it.


I can already see some positive changes coming into my life since listening to the program. I no longer have that sick feeling in my gut when there's not enough money, I now just know it's going to be ok Love love love the program so far thank you Steve


Hai Dr Jones, i bought your new program (Total Money Magnetism) .. Your six steps ...WOW !! incredible to create WEALTH. Thank you Dr Jones!


It is early days for me but having read your book I now feel inspired to take my business from a 2nd income to becoming the main income. So thank you so much for all your helpful tips and advice. Roll on that house on the beach!


I'm amazed at the benefits from listening to these programmes. I notice my confidence throughout the day, my business is thriving and I'm calmer. I didn't realise how much tension I was holding onto until I started listening. I'm totally into this and telling everyone I know already!

Hello Steve, I am very impressed with the book and find I have a lot of the traits and thinking it talks about, but it does clear up a lot of information overload I have gained lately from courses, I have tried, and at 71yrs old the exercises you provided is helping me clean up my sub-conscious mind from years of garbage and made me think more positively about getting wealthy, I now have a more positive attitude. Thanks Steve.


Thabk you so much Steve, I am a huge fan of you and it started all because of this. I'm at the part 2 of the 6 hypnosis tracks now and I feel wonderful. I feel a change in mindset and a change in the way I do things. I always feel motivated and Total Money Magneism is a key factor to these changes in my life. The knowledge that comes with the book is also priceless! Thank you so much Steve!


I feel much less fear and more self-confidence, I'm more focused and inside of me I can trully feel that I have a great chance to succeed in my life. At the moment I'm in the middle of the 2nd audio track and I'm waiting for and looking forward to a big change and financial freedom in my life. I hope this is just about to happen... :) Thank you!


Dr. Steve G. Jones is great, I love his work & utilize it everyday. I feel a shift in the possibilities ahead of me. I LOVE my life & I look forward to a millionaire life to bless my Family & Friends.


Hi Steve Three days into tape 1 Releasing Fear of Failure, and life changed dramatically for me. I felt connected and confident in a way I've never done before, and I began to fly through my days with ease, effortlessly and enjoyably. Day 21 and I've just finished the first cycle. Wow! I'm on a roll. I love how life is so enjoyable. I love how I feel so differently about myself. I love how I view my debt now as a temporary thing. It's no longer the weight on my soul and I know money is on its way to me soon. I feel it in my bones!. Steve, I can't thank you enough for the miraculous healing and changes your hypnosis tape has already elicited. And this is only tape 1!! I'm already feeling unstoppable. Your tape is proving to be a hit. After five years of getting nowhere, except further into debt, and trying to achieve my goals and dreams through various Law of Attraction programmes, and thousands of dollars later, I'm finally making progress towards becoming a millionaire with that millionaire mindset. Hypnosis is pure bliss in ferreting out the outworn beliefs from the brain. Can't wait to get started on the next tape. Thanks again Steve.


I have just finished reading the book and the first mp3 of fear of failure. I do feel a shift in some of my fears dealing with every day issues regarding money. So now on to awakening my fear of success. Thank you, the audio tapes are amazing and I always feel refreshed afterwards.


Brilliant! The three weeks have been absolutely mind changing. The calmness, discipline, concentration and you name it have altered my approach to my routine in making my income generating activities. This is amazing!


I've been listening to the Total Money Magnetism hypnosis audios as per the instructions (3 weeks on each). I just started the second of six. So far, it's been great. I love the way they're presented and I'm looking forward to continuing. Thanks, Steve.


I love the audios and listen to them all the time & actually use them if I'm having trouble sleeping! My mindset has changed so must it's unbelievable. I just feel like the world is my oyster & I can have anything I want. 


Hi Steve, I have been on Total Money Magnetism for 4 month now. At begining I was sleepless because of debts, without hope to pay even smal amount. Now I have paid 17,000.00 $us. It remains 30,000.00 $ but I know I'll bee debt free very soon. Excuse for my poor English as I'm french speaker. Here I encourage all french speakers, No need to bee English speaker expert before using Total Money Magnetism. Thank You very much


The changes that have happened in my life are incredible. My business is going from strength to strength and it is due to the hypnotherapy. I absolutely love it and I will be purchasing more programmes from you in the near future.


The day after I signed up, I got a surprise call from a past banking relationship, with the message of a check in the mail so to speak. (A sign) My financiall worries have lessened and my awareness and gratitude of the abundance all around me every day, have increased. Thank you! Steve!


I notice that I am calmer and more centered. I also notice less dithering on my part. I make decisions faster and easier without second guessing myself. I am more productive in my day. I have begun working with a website developer and should have my first online business up and running in a week or two. Rev. Robert Test


Thank you for sharing your life's work with the world. I'm astounded by your genorosity. The hypnosis tracks are profound. I fall asleep gracefully listening to the tracks. I haven't achieved my 'bull's eye' yet, but Having the opportunity to finally leave my job, once and for all, to work independently alongside a brilliant and ethical company that has mastered the future of education is one of the benefits I've noticed upon investing in total money magnetism:) Whats more, and even more satisfying for me, is, I feel that I'm finding my words more in conversations the following day after listening to the tapes at night. I intend to reread and reread the book and to continue listening to the tapes, for the changes I've noticed are only the tip of the ice-berg. I plan to do justice to the work of Dr Steve G. Jones.


Since starting the program I've noticed a huge shift in my mindset towards money. I'm far more relaxed about it. I don't fixate over monthly and unexpected bills as I now always have the money to easily cover them and much better things are on the way. Thank you Steve!


This program is absolutely amazing. I have written a few pages of insights and significant changes and revelations as I have gone through each part. I am in 5 now and 4 was a little rough for me. It brought a few fears and disappointments to the surface around money and success that I didn't know I had. Once I got into 5, they literally dissipated and I feel the power and confidence to go on to be the success I am destined to be. Thank you for sharing this program and making it affordable. Perhaps I will have the opportunity to share specifics of how it changed my life and perspectives about wealth when I am finished the program.

I am enjoying the program! The audio tracks are my favorite part. It is simple to execute and I am finding myself attracted to business opportunities I thought were out of my reach. Thank you Steve!


thanks steve as I can feel my life changing as I am 69 yrs old and have two job offers in 7 days so believe I will have to go off the age pension very soon. thanks heaps.


Thank you for everything. I am already seeing old habits beginning to change. I feel more confident in my decisions. I appreciate all that you do. Thank you!


The material is top notch! As a mother of 7 I fully intend to teach my children differently than what I was taught. My whole mindset has changed and the audio tracks are great for me because I am always on the go and I also listen to them in my office at work!


i like the program so far. it really gives me a positive outlook on things!!!


Since I received the course from Dr. Steve, I have been reading daily, and have been listening to one or the other of the recordings every evening. I find that my level of confidence is increasing, and, while I have not noticed an increase in my financial well-being, I do feel that something is about to break loose in my favor very soon. Thank you, Dr. Steve.


I'm really enjoying the material in the book and finding it very useful. I'm two weeks into the audio tracks and loving them. There are subtle changes happening each day. I'm very excited for my future. Thank you


Thank you for sharing your experience! Your videos are so wonderful, powerful I never thought early on I could feel so relaxed and powerful! Every day I feel the need to hear a video, to feel better and relaxed!


I love this book ..I feel more positive and motivated to waking up and starting my day .. I've seen great opportunities since I've started in the past 2 weeks and feel like I can accomplish anything ..thank you


Hi Steve, Thank you SO much for this wonderful program I enjoyed reading the book and I will read it again and again! I'm taking my time over the mp3 recordings, spending 30 days or so on each, as recommended, and although it's very tempting to jump ahead, I'll be good for a change (!). I have about another week of listening to the first one "Fear of Failure" and it's really awesome! I already feel a lot more positive about my future. Thanks again, Steve. May you always keep smiling!


I am loving the course. It is helping me in my own coaching career. I never believed in mindset and affirmations until I through caution to the wind and immersed myself in it. I am so confident that I will be a 6 figure coach by years end. Highly recommend.


I have a home-based business and have struggled to get personal customers. In the last several weeks I have been getting better responses including someone interested in becoming a distributor as well. Thank you.


Hi Steve, I am really blessed to have been guided to Your Total Money Magnetism program, in just few weeks of starting off i can already feel positive changes in the way i think and in my attitude too. I am sure as i progress with the audio tracks and apply things mentioned in the book, achieving my dreams will be easier and more of a cake walk. Thank you so much for your help in programing me achieve a wonderful life that i have dream of for me and my family. Love you :)


I have been listening to the tracks for 5 weeks now and I really like the changes I'm experiencing in my mindset and my confidence level. It's very exciting and I can't wait to experience even more as the weeks go on with the different tracks.


Thank You, Thank You, Thank You I have experienced some small but very positive outcomes in reference to finances and I would like to say once again Thank You!


Hi Dr Jones, i find your program fascinating & unique and ex -pect it to be highly benefical,life changing & wealth buildiing.i am also very pleasantly surprise to see you also have other great programs available to produce great life changing results in other areas of ones life.please keep up your great work.once i achieve the great life changing financial results i desire,you can rest assured i will be recommending your great life changing program to others.God bless. sincerely, winston l. HENRY.


My dearest Steve , Adore this program . Started with 100% commitment ( my MO ) from day 1 . Am just beginning track 4 . The results are profound beyond words ! Watched a steady growth unfolding . This not new to me , however not ever applied . The in depth transformation & understanding remarkable . Have purchased several different courses to help all loved ones plus ! With Love & Gratitude . Share your site & emails with all xox


I am enjoying the program immencely. I use it every day. And I have already noticed changes in my attitude.


I am already noticing a positive difference with how I relate to money. And the flow is slowing starting again, but more than anything I am feeling like all is not lost.


I was very impressed with how I felt after listening to fear of failure track, much more confident and self assured. Thanks Steve


Hi Steve, I was VERY impressed with this book and the accompanying tracks. I can already feel my mindset has changed a lot.I have already noticed great changes in my mindset! Many thanks Steve.


I am feeling the difference in mindset. The audio hypnosis track greatly helped me feeling more positive, empowered and inspired to accomplish what I need to get the life I want for me and my young family. Thanks Steve!


Hi Steve, sinds i startet your program i had some great ideas i am going to work on, this program gave me a direction of where determent to stick on because it's all positif for my live, love the audio too. Grts Mark


Steve I have totally enjoyed the book and audio tapes. I look forward to listening to it daily and also anticipate listening to the next one after 21 days. I have noticed an improvement in my finances already and I am looking forward to even more. 


I have yet to experience a big shift yet, but I am very optimistic. I listen to the recordings every night before bed and I suspect big things are coming my way.


Hi Steve I am still working through everything. I am listening to the audios hypnosis every night and i do feel different. I feel more positive and i know this is going to take me further. Thank you & here's to the future millionaire me I am truly grateful


Your book showed me that I'm a perfectionist but never could admit it bc I knew I would fall short of perfect. HA! I didn't realize all the ways that mindset was holding me back. I'd never set goals bc if I didn't achieve them, then I would beat myself up and I never understood that reaching the goal isn't the point. Thank you for opening my eyes to what should've been such an obvious fact!


Hi Steve, after 4 weeks listening to your affirmations I already feel some confidence growing into my financial future. I am looking forward to further results. Thank you!


I have compiled so many brain enhancement audios over the past few years but the only set I have been listening to over the last couple of months are the TMM audios, they are soothing an relaxing. I am greatly hopeful that they will do the trick and positively shift my mindset into a Millionaire's mind set. Thank you Steve!


Like many, I knew very little about money management. It's strange when marriage and finances are the two most important aspects of our social lives, yet there is no official training offered for either of these two critical phases of our lives. Too often, improper money management will lead to the dissolution of a marriage. This course, Money Magnetism, aids in both. While I have not improved my financial status as yet, I do feel more empowered to change my way of thinking than I have ever felt before. Thank you, Dr. Steve


In a short span of time, I have certainly been feeling calmer and more confident. And it's not just about the material aspect - it's more of a direct catalyst to one's own self worth. Thank you Steve!


I am really enjoying this program. My adventure has just started. Looking forward to an amazing ride.Thanks Steve..


One unexpected benefit is the ability to set up a general calm mindset for the day after listening to the audios. :)


Hi Steve, I am listening your audios every morning. It is very nice to wake up with it and the creativity around reaching my goals makes good progress. I see more possibilities, ideas and joy come into my business. I look forward to hear the rest of the audios. Tanks! Hans, (the Netherlands).


Hi Steve, I have completed one cycle of six step millionaire. So far it's been great going and enjoying the journey. Thanks.


Hi Steve thoroughly enjoying the course - looking forward to fantastic results - thankyou


Great! Really helped a lot! Things starts to transform. Also purchased other audio, now listening to power trading audio. Definitely made my psychology better in trading. Appreciate your work! Keep it up! Thanks!


I have used hypnosis throughout my lifetime but find your approach very easy to enter into the "zone." I just started your program and am just about through reading the book, which is giving me great ideas to implement. I have blocked time everyday for the hypnosis sessions and am excited to be entering a new phase of consciousness. Thank you for sharing your program with the world!


The book is great Dr Steve and I so are the audios which I listen to ever night. Thanks for this kindly reminder as I'm going to read / and listen to the book again over the w/e. Repetition leads to success as your program does.


I'm finding the program to be very positive and helpful. I"m looking forward to listening to the rest of them.


I love the audio hypnosis tracts i listen to them each nite.


Jimi Hendrix said the best love to have is the love of life .I know the underlying lesson for me is gratitude . I am grateful Steve . Thank you my mind has woken up from a long hibernation


I have been doing the evening listening for 18 days and I've listened to all the 6 recordings "3 times,. I think of my money affairs, my stuck investments with almost no stress and so.some of my money is on the way back to me already. Great feeling!!!


G'day Steve - I have listened to Fear of Failure daily for 25 days, and Fear of Success daily for 25 days, and am now part way through the Abundance track. I gave the first two a few days beyond 21 as I believe that subconscious resistance was a big issue for me. Now, I am very motivated to actively progress a brand new project that I am developing, and expect it will be a money maker when set up. I feel very positive about this. I will contact you again when I have some actual results to report.




Loved it. It have elevated & re-wired my understanding.

Bimal Sahoo

So far, so good when it comes to a mindset shift and efforts to replace lifelong self-defeating beliefs about unworthiness for financial freedom. At my 60-something age, this will take time. Total Money Magnetism was the breakthrough I needed to believe change is possible.

Debbie Bride

Just starting my journey but I'm feeling more positive and happy towards the future

Sandra Cabral

This is a great instructional program on how to set up your mind for prosperity. The exercises give great insight into how wealth building works and the audio tracks are nothing short of powerful. Thanks Steve for a great product.

Olivia Raeburn

Aloha, Steve! I was excited to get started with your program; however, I didn't expect the changes that I began to see in my confidence. Within a week or so of listening to the hypnosis tracks at bedtime, I felt more confident with myself and the opportunity I have to offer others. Although I'm not a complete expert in my field yet, I am excited to see the changes over the next few weeks and months. At night, I look forward to reading a couple chapters from the PDF book included with the program, and then listening to the appropriate track just before I fall asleep at night. I never thought hypnosis could be this effective

Robin Akau

I am truly impressed with the quality of this product! Also, the customer service department is excellent. I am enjoying my studies, and after only a week I am noticing positive results.

Hendrik Brown

Hi Steve After only reading the Kickstart Guide and doing the exercises, I have been able to identify negative ideas and patterns that I have held about money. After leaving these behind, I am ready to embark on my new journey towards wealth and abundance. Setting my goals has given me a clear picture of where I want to be and I know that by working the rest of the program, I will get there. Thank you for bringing so much more positivity into my life about money and its uses. I very much look forward to continuing to work with you. Thank you again Steve!

Gordana Stanojevic

Hi Steve, The Total Money Magnetism is a great course. I feel more alive and have released a lot of stress about money and many areas of my life. my focus is much better. I am getting unstuck. Thank you

Edward Yarbrough

I have read lots of books on success in the past 20 years, and never could get over the proverbial hump for some reason. Now I see why I couldn't. Even though my conscious mind knew what I was supposed to do, my subconscious still had limiting beliefs ABOUT MY SITUATION. I purchased this program at the darkest time of my life, and after 20 days or so listening to the audio programs every night before bed, and reading the other material, already things are changing and lining up for success: I realize I have many more creative ideas for success within the passion I always wanted to do but didn't believe I could be successful doing it, and now my brain is linking together my true passion and all the many ways I can be successful doing it for multiple streams of income over time. It's a wonderful feeling! (BTW, I almost took a crappy job but decided not to) So now I'm working on my business plan with vigor and motivation like I never had before. I finally found a way to work through all the obstacles and roadblocks to success as I started to write the business plan. I truly believe the keys that are missing for most people are within this program. Society teaches us failure and misery for the most part, Steve's program teaches success and happiness. This program is a must for the seeker of true wealth and success.

Surreal L

It's working! Happy with the results and the effect that I have in as little as a few days. I highly recommend!

Galit Bazin

I'm about half way through the audio book and so far the content of the program has been priceless! I am learning new tools for expanding my business and look forward to what else I might discover each and every day. Here I come world! Thanks Steve for all of the knowledge, support and encouragement!!! So very grateful :-)

Jody Krukowski

I love the brain audio program and I'm on my second time through each of the recordings. Thank you!

Lynn Brinckmeyer

OMG still working on Track 1 and I am getting total clarity on who I truly am.


I am enjoying the program and I have been moving ahead in my business, getting new ideas and feeling more ambitious to push through my procrastination. I also have aligned with a more successful partner, which is most definitely part of moving through money blocks and programming. Thank you! I see the flow of money, I feel the abundance and I am claiming it as my birthright !


Much more information than I expected. Very detailed. Whether you are looking to create wealth, or lead a better life, you need this program!! So many things we take for granted, can easily be adapted to achieve a greater purpose. Touched on many aspects of things I needed to hear!! Thank you Steven!!


I feel like I've hit the reset button in my mind. Already I am feeling like I have more clarity and feeling confident to take action towards my goals with excitement rather than trepidation. Thank you


I am very glad to be in. I love the hypnosis tracks and listen to them every day. I feel more positive and happy. Thank you si much. Eli from Norway

wonderful program,I 've gained 1000 $ in the first seven days. I feel that money comes to me easily!!!! Thank you Dr. Steve G. Jones for your wonderful work. G. B.


So far Im really enjoying this program. I am on day 11 and have noticed subtle shifts in my thinking. I am self employed and have noticed improved income flow.. excited to see whats ahead!


After one week, money came easy to me. I have received my second raise this year just this past week.


Your teachings are masterpiece.


Thanks very much for this amazing program .I absolutely love it 


I am getting ready to move to Colorado and start a new company with my son. Ever thing you have sent me has helped me make things a lot easer to get the company up and running. thank you Steven.


Within a few days, my life has changed. Once I thought- I'm stuck!-but today I'm still looking for solutions. Honestly, I'm a different person now and this is just the beginning, brilliant job! Much love and respect!!!


Maria-Lisa I didn't know what I was missing by letting my financial life flow without much thought. ! Your program was an eye opener


Money magnetism has helped me in very good ways. I have read the book in total and implemented the hypnosis each night before bed. I have gotten a new career which with my annual income will help me to reaching my financial goals very quickly. I see this program working many wonders in the future. I believe the more so put into it the more better the results will become.


Hi Steve, Only justed started using total money magnetism and already I am seeing my life change. I feel more postive and I am becoming more aware of my surroundings and seeing things different.


Very inspiring journey I'm now on step two and I can tell I'm not having any kind of anxiety anymore when it comes to work and success I just do it. Thank you so much can't wait to see what's happening next.


Thank you Steve! I love the whole program. I found the book so fascinating that I read it in 1 day. Since I started listening the audio tracks about 3 weeks ago, I feel energetic and happy, and my creative juices are pouring so fast I can hardly keep up with them. I recommend Total Money Magnetism to anyone that wants to improve their life.


I'm in my third week right now and I have the feeling I shifted, something changed. I'm not feeling this anxiety anymore instead I'm more active because I'm not shy anymore I just do things. I can't wait to see where it brings me.


Dear Dr Steve, you are for sure someone who influenced my life in many ways: first as a trainer and an amazing educator and now with this program. It is amazing that after only 8 days of listening to the first recording, the buyers for the house I am selling showed up and all of them want to buy the house. I can't wait to see other results and I am sure they will be more than amazing. Thank you very much. I highly recommend to all the people in the world!


I love this program, although I am impatient to get to the next level. This really is something you can do to improve your health, wealth, and happiness. All while you sleep!


Hello Dr. Jones! I have been reading and listening to the book AND doing the hypnoses (maybe not often enough!) But things really seem to have taken a turn! Cashflow has increased and I have been more easily recognizing possibilities and opportunities for making potentially profitable connections with people! So, I am sticking to it! Cheers, Dr. Duane March


I love it!


Thank you Steve for a wonderful program to fix the lacking financial knowledge in my life. This book and the audio are such great tools to follow and learn a great deal of information.


I've already noticed a change in my attitude to Money and only in the early stages of the course. Thanks Steve. As we say in Australia, "your blood's worth bottling."


Hi Steve, I am enjoying the TMM program so far, I'm pretty new with the recordings, still on the first one but I have noticed more opportunities of all kinds being presented to me and I'm loving it! It's also really gotten me thinking about passive income and what road or roads i am going to pursue, I'm in the process of researching a few different ones. I feel the program has opened me up to be much more aware and able to make my own choices instead of being at the mercy of working for someone as my only resource.


Hi Steve, I loved the total money magnetism and at the same time the tracks included. It's worth the purchase. I haven't really noticed a dramatic change since I think I'm just starting. However, I am confident with the tracks included since it's different from the others that I have bought. Different in a good way because it has a good foundation and it's a step by step process. Highly recommended to others!


I am a skeptic when looking at programs like these. Totalmoneymagnetism has altered that. This is amazing! This is real because the effects are multidimensional and can be felt. So glad I decided to try it.


Thank you, Steve! Because of your program, I am more mindful of my thoughts, words and actions. This has truly been a gift for me learning how my beliefs were controlling so many of my outcomes! I saw changes not only in my business but also at home, after 2 weeks! I highly recommend these amazing tools and resources, to attract more wealth and abundance to your life!


I have seen huge changes in my life in just 2 weeks so far. I've never been able to save money or pay down my debt, until now. I never knew I had it in me to make giant steps to do what I have always been afraid of doing. Big things are happening for me. Many things have been helpful, but this is life-changing.


I have found a wealth of information in the book that provides some clear direction to assist in thinking like a millionaire. The audios are very relaxing and healing. Purchasing your course was a very good investment. Thank you. Dave


Great ideas that can really make a difference in one's thinking and will change your financial situation. There really are better ways earning money than just the job mindset.


I feel more energized and positive about my future tha I have in a very long time. Thanks for putting together such a great program.


This is an amazing way to re invent yourself both emotionally and financially. Thanks Steve


I love the program it is super refreshing I feel that I am going through a time of relaxation I have never felt before. I am more focused and cannot wait to unleash the other modules.


Hi Steve, I cannot thank you enough for this programme. I only started it a week ago and the transformation in my thinking is changing rapidly. I love the audio tapes and that together with the book is changing me as person for the better. I look forward to living a completely different life in the very near future. Thank you so much!


Hi Steven, I am almost finished your amazing book it's given me much inspiration and plenty of ideas.Having just started listening to your tracks I feel a shift in my mindset already. And look forward to a bright future. many thanks.


Great opportunity to review the essential elememts of mindset that goes before any progress in money making. It is amazing how much miss information is out there related to the money that rules our lives. So glad that I am involved in this training.


After going through the book and listening to the hypnosis sound clip for around 2 weeks, I already experienced a change in my mind, especially my previous procrastination in execution of my plan. I had drafted my money making plan in a couple of days and had confidence to complete it and reach my dreams and goals. Thanks Steve!


Hi Steve, Since I started my success with trading stock options has been laser focused and the results have been amazing. It is like a light switched just got turned on and all I have learned over the past has come into focus. This consistent ability to profitably trade is going to be my next career and accelerate my retirement. Thank You


Thanks for a wonderful and inspiring program Sir! I have my plans coming to life for a business, and I am listening to the audios every day!


Hello there. I can say that I am very impressed with your book and your tracks I don't know if it is random but in the first week of my reading and listening to the tracks a Man Hunters company approached me and offer me a position for a National Sales Manager in an International World Famous Company. Isn't it awesome?


The Total Money Magnetism Course is wonderful. I see progress every day!


Ahmed I really was amazed at the powerful tools and insights available throughout the program. It is easy friendly use and impactful. After only 4days into the program I was introduced to high caliber individual who I am working to build a business relationship with. Thank you . And I recommend this program to those who are serious for to develop their life and business

Hi Steve Great stuff you're offering here. Still at the early stage, and have already experienced a shift in the way I think. Know for sure that this will be life changing by the time I finish going through the program. THANK YOU!!


Honestly I can say that this program will help me to be much more aware of how to become a wealthy person. Iam looking forward to completing it... Thank you!


Didn't realize all the ways that I am blocking money. Appreciate the strategies for opening up the portals to wealth.


This is a wonderful program. It's really helping to shift my mindset towards Money, success, and overall happiness. Thanks for creating this program.


I started to recognize a positive shift right away!


Hello Steve, I am very impressed with this program and have learned a lot so far. I am looking forward to learning more and seeing what's in store. This is life changing. Thank you! Learning about the mind is awesome.


Steve, just started, but TMM is better than anything else I've looked into. Thanks!


Hi Steve. Thank you for this program. I love it and you. I can feel my unconscious mind changing and shifting opening to accommodate this beautiful empowering information. Your programs are transformational. Thank you for dedicating your life to helping others expand their minds and lives. My abundance wealth happiness and health are increasing as I practice these programs. I can only express this feeling as one of being set free to soar into infinite wealth. God Bless you.


Hi Steve, I've only had this program for a week. I find that ideas are coming to me and my mindset is so much more positive than it was before. I'm looking forward to all that I have yet to learn. Your hypnosis audios go so far above ANY other hypnotist that I have ever heard. You don't just give 100%, you give 200%. Thank you.


Book and tracks very eye opening. Truly rewired myself to a better mindset towards money. Now I know I'm in better direction towards wealth and money. I'm grateful for this course. Much love creating this course .


Hi Steve! Yes, the book is AWESOME as well as the hypnosis program. I have seen a major change in my mindset and have just recently got a job offer with a fortune 500 company which offered me a $3,000 raise. I was earning $45,000. I also will be meeting today with a possible client for a new business I also created. Steve! Thanks a lot for this magnificent program. The skies are the limits. Thanks again! LaShunda


This is like a ray of sunshine breaking through my clouds of doubt. I was finally able to believe that I deserve wealth. This is a hurricane of information, and it will change how you view money and yourself. I've given a PhD in wealth generation in a few short weeks.


I immediately saw a change in my mindset and continue to open my thinking and flow of creativity. This has been a great change in finding and opening the blocks I have experienced. Thank You


Thank you Steve for opening my eyes. Each day I cant wait to learn more. I have never been great with money and it has always been hard to come by for me. I was always down in the dumps. Now thanks to you I wake each day ready to take on the world. Not only on the money front, but life in general. Everything is getting better. I can finally sleep good again.


Dear Steve, thank you for creating this incredible product! This is an extremely intelligent course, power-packed with wealth-building skills. I absolutely love it, am totally committed to the time and processes. Feeling a definite shift in the first month of the course. It keeps me focused on my money related goals and I find the course material educational and empowering. Thank you!


Steve, this program is phenomenal, thank you, thank you so much! This is just Amazing, AWESOME!!!!!!


I am truly enjoying the program. Reading the book, Listening to the book has been very helpful. I am grateful for the changes in my efficieny level, huge impact on procrastination. The track that I have been working with has been masterful.


Since starting the program I have noticed that I am more on track and focused in every area of life. It is a great opportunity to generate ideas to effect change with both myself and others. Thank you!


I really love your ebook! Just before I connected with I connected with Bob Proctor and he is in your book. I thought wow! Before this ebook I also had bought the book think and grow rich and here you mention that too. There are many great things in your book! Thank you!


The book "Total Money Magnetism" is very inspirational & motivational an overall Enjoyable Read. I believe with the help of the hypnosis mp3's Reprogramming my subconscious mind. Financial Freedom can be a reality for me as well.


Dr. Steve,what the program has done for me so far is to help me get and keep my mind on prosperity instead of focusing on what I don't have. I use the various messages everyday it helps me get off to a great start. Thank you.


I am truly enjoying the program. Reading the book, Listening to the book has been very helpful. I am grateful for the changes in my efficieny level, huge impact on procrastination. The track that I have been working with has been masterful.


I've only just started the program but I'm already feeling more confident and less of a push-over in the workplace. I've also become more mindful of saving and investing rather than spending!


Absolutely amazing . I can't believe the difference it is already making to my financial situation. Thanks Steve for this new insight into how to turn around my life.It really works !


I really enjoy the relaxation of the tapes. They have helped me in my career at times when things were stressful to just stay calm and handle situations more calmly and efficiently. Having a clearer mind has helped me drastically in being more successful and profitable in my career so far.


I have just started the course and happily finding some positive changes in my life. The lack mentality that I was having have been changing in abundance mentality. Thanks for the research in our minds and brains.


I really like the common sense approach that you've taken with this programme and I feel confident with it. Thanks.


My habits are strongly embedded, but I find that I am getting ideas from nowhere! They pop up, I ask questions I never asked before and the programme is giving some much need advice and helping me to draw a roadmap for my life in general and not only financial matters. Thanks Steve!


Hello , thank you for your great information that is so full of great advice for our daily grind . I have moved cities in the past two months and I am starting off new again , so finding new connections here has been hard ,but with your material it has opened new doors for me and given me new avenues to discover. Thank you again and I am still enjoying the tracks and the learning


Hi Steve I would like show my gratitude to you since I started using Total Money Magnetism Program I noticed something really important has started to change, which is The way of seeing life and all the challenge that I face, I am hopetimistic and focus toward my Dreams because I understood that there's greatness within me and I have to work smart to live the life that I create. Thank you Steve and I will keep you updated


I have been a customer of yours for 8 years now and I really liked your products, but Total Money Magnetism is by far your best product ever: very clear information with mind-expanding ideas and the tracks are awesome. I am already recommending this program to my family members and my close friends. Thank you so much Mr Jones


Hi Steve. Worked my way through the book, which I really enjoyed! Lots of notes, now working on the actions. A great start to 2017!


Hi Steve. First and foremost I'd like to say Thank You. As I've gotten older I've struggled with being able to visualize my dreams and believing I could make them a reality, causing me to feel defeated. Since investing in your program, I am now able to see a bigger and brighter future for myself. The mental block has been lifted. I look forward to continuing my journey to Financial Freedom, something I once thought impossible. I am Grateful for this Opportunity.


This training is nothing short of amazing for me. I am experiencing a shift in my spirit that is absolutely wonderful, and freeing. I am so enjoying listening to the audios and reading the book. I feel that I'm on my way to finally being able to accomplish so much more in my life that can affect so many others as well. Thanks Steve!


The course has gave me some good insights and ideas to strive towards financial freedom. I have yet to start the listening to the recordings but just reading the book alone is opening up avenues in my life path. Good information.


Great things are starting to happen for me financially. After reading the book and taking a few practical steps to start consciously thinking about what I want instead of thinking about what I don't want my life has improved immensely. I listen to the tracks each night when I lay down for bed and I know that listening to positive affirming information helps me in ways I couldn't imagine.


I have being procrastinating all my life. Since I practice with the hypnosis audios I have being more active and keep doing the things that were in to do lists write away. Is an excellent program, Edwin Gonzalez from Puerto Rico


The very first week brought many ideas, insights, and opportunities seen with new eyes. I remain committed to putting in the time and work to continue the course and expanding my mind - and income. Thanks Steve!


Great material!


Hi Dr. Jones, in the couple of days I went through the program, it has changed my ways of thinking dramatically. In other words I've started to see possibilities of making money in every situation. Dr. Jones thank you.


I already feel empowered just by reading the book, which is the grace of God. I'm looking forward to listening to the tracks and reprogramming my mind to that of a millionaire. It gives me hope and I'm excited for what the future brings. Thank you Steve for your knowledge and passion!


I'm just into the 4th week of the program . Find that I'm more relaxed, Cashflow has improved and new clients just about daily. Feeling amazed and excited Thank you


I really enjoying learning how to change my ideas about money and what has been holding me back. The audio files make me set time aside to listen each day and I make it priority. Plenty of new challenges ahead thank you.


I am glad that I came across your book & happy to go thru them. It has given me the deep understanding on how to think & visualise as a millionaire. Thanks


The best breakthrough of my life . This programme does work . I find a new job, I find a new home things get back to me without making any effort .my relationship with daughter is wonderful. I am just grateful to see results in very short time . Manon derradji .


Steve, thanks so much for your mind changing course. I am now on my third playing of the audio tapes and I have certainly notices a huge difference in my mindset and how I approach daily tasks. I do it now with added enthusiasm and I will value this course for ever.


Total money magnetism helped me take action in my life. I accomplish more in one week then I used do in 6 months. I am constantly learning and see my path to a life of my dreams. Learning business/investing is a passion for me. Working a job is so unacceptable.


Hello Dr. Steve, I am enjoying all your programs. The Millionaire Mindset is excellent. Right now I am on the 4th week doing the meditations. I know this program works, and I am looking forward to the positive results. Thank you so much for creating such a great and inspiring system for our success. 


Awesome and so inspirational. Thank you so much. Felt like I've just woken up.


So far, we have doubled our monthly income in 18 days!!!


I found the trainings very beneficial to my subconscious, thank you


Down through the years I have learned a lot about giving to the church. Now that I have your books and tapes, I'm learning more about the art of stepping out on faith and how to help others also to step out on faith and give to help one and other, save and invest in themselves. I'm really just getting started with the lessons and already reaping the benefits...unexpected checks in the mail and feeling like a money magnet now. More specific updates coming soon. Stay tune, I've now invested in coaching program. Thanks.


Enjoying the program. I am working it the way you have instructed. Will share more once completed. Can't wait to get the same results you experienced that lead you to create the program. Thanks.


As of yet I haven't noticed a profound difference in my finances but what I have gained is more confidence, inner contentment and acceptance of myself. I am getting a clearer picture of a path I would like to follow. I wake up feeling excited and looking forward to what the day will bring. Thank you Steve


I was sceptical about this course but the content is very good. It takes time and commitment to work through the programme but it is the real deal. Steve's calm and soothing voice on his meditations is always a pleasure to listen to and the added bonus of having the book as an audio book is fantastic for busy folk like me! Still working my way through the masses of content but hopeful of a positive shift in the future.


After fear of failure, fear of success I am at my third total magnetism hypnosis set of 21 days called abundance and I know I think differently. Although I have not yet manifested my dream well paid job still volunteering I feel different. This is combined with the completion of the recode of DNA for success and wealth by Dawn Clark and the start of the antidote program. I feel calm and compose and take any financial challenge as a great way to learn. i have started to mix with wealthy people in my community. I have distanced myself from people and situations which are not conducise to wealth.


I have been very impressed with the additional bonuses and have returned numerous times to view.


Hi Steve I've been using the tracks for a couple of months now. And I notice my attitude towards large sums of money has lighten. I am no longer fearful of having millions Thank you


I didn't get started right away on it so am a little behind where I should be right now but am enjoying the book and yes definitely the audios especially at night. I to am starting to see a small amount of improvement and can't wait for it to keep growing as I learn more and more from your books.

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